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 Little babe Sylvia at a school in Kenya in 2010

In a little more than 2 months I will be headed back out to Uganda. It’s my honor to lead a team of 7 people from my community here in Flag to Jinja. We are going to be working with SoleHope, which is an organization that promotes foot health…

You may be wondering what that means- and I wont go into the gory details but these parasites called jiggers burrow into the skin on the bottom of children’s feet and have to be dug out. This obviously causes a lot of pain and discomfort so it is  very important to remove this parasite.

In partnership with the health aspect they also facilitate shoe-manufacturing using donated denim from the states that is cut and sent to Uganda to be made into shoes by local craftsmen. So not only do they have the health aspect but also resolve in offering shoes and empowerment to the nationals by using their skills to produce shoes that will be given to the children so there will be no more chance of the jiggers getting in there while working on a living wage. (Community building at it’s finest!)

I’m so excited to be working with such a holistic organization. As well as being able to bring people I love to experience Africa and tangible social justice while partnering with people who are invested in the long-term combat of jiggers and development of the community.

I am hoping to raise $2,299 t0 make this happen.  This covers the cost of flights, medical equipment (Some of my awesome team are in the nursing program here at NAU and are very excited to use their knowledge to aid Solehope), a place to sleep, and transportation to and from the airport once we are in Uganda.

The thing for me is not necessarily the going and coming in the world but it’s the chance to develop the people in my everyday life. Facilitating experiences that encourage and call out gifts that may not have been awakened in the day to day. I’ve been given a platform here and I hope to use it to always bring out the depths of people’s passions and desires to be used in the fullest of ways and Uganda is just a step in that direction.

Please consider sending the good vibes and prayers this way in the order of health, safety and of course over the financial aspect of this trip. If at all you feel led to donate to make this happen I have a paypal link as well as a way to donate in a tax- deductible fashion you can add the amount, and my name in the memo boxes.

Thanks again for your continued support in whatever life has offered.  Please let me know if you have any more questions on this or if you’d like more info on Solehope I’d gladly point ya in the right direction.

Much Love,


Christopher Karaoke & I – Kenya 2012



So I guess it’s 2014 already.

Well a lot has happened over the course of 2 months.

I had every intention of finishing out my thankfulness thing but y’all see how that played out.

I went home for two weeks over Christmas and celebrated every single thing my heart desired. Birthdays, babies, engagements, the new year, you know the jam. Holidays with the fam were wonderful and just getting to do normal every day things with some of the friends I’ve had my entire life was blissful.

When I got back home (Flag) I spent a good chunk of time with my man and got a new job like a second after I got back. God’s constantly providing. Holla.

Life has been good. Getting into the swing of things, making some changes, moving in with two of my bests here which is a major bonus. Started writing a new curriculum for kids stuff at church and basically just settling into my role as children’s coordinator. Getting some new faces in there volunteering and spending more time with the current ones, it’s great to have an awesome team.

I’ve got a few trips up my sleeve as well (as you know I’m more than excited about that). In February I’m going down to Mexico with The Commons as we partner with 1mission to build houses for a weekend. For that I am raising $250.

Then the big thing we’ve been working on is planning a trip to Jinja, Uganda…dun dun dun. I’m excited, Uganda is one of my favorite places and I can’t wait to take a group of 11 of us (from The Commons) to partner with SoleHope. Which is an organization that Offers hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief.  For this I am raising $2,950.

So If at all you feel led to be a part of what I am doing with the global church as well as developing our friends in the local church into leaders and passionate young people then please do so.  You can donate in a Tax deductible fashion this way:  and specify that you would like the funds to go towards ‘Brittany Grant in Uganda’ or ‘Mexico’

There also is a direct link under the  Support tab at the top.

Thank you so much for staying involved with me and whatever God is doing.

As always, Much Love.


IMG_8547 Haley and I hiking in Sedona last week. Arizona life isn’t half bad.

thanks Venture.

This past summer I was a part of a team that rode from Seattle, WA to NYC.

yeah that happened.

Before this spring I didn’t ride very much, only to work or for fun here and there.

So why volunteer myself to a ridiculous 2 months on a bicycle seat? To be honest it started with Donald Miller. He wrote a book I read several years ago that got me interested in what Venture does so I kept tabs on them waiting for a free summer.

Doing the tour led me to fall in love with cycling.  The kind of love thats hard, real hard but so very worth it. There is literally nothing like climbing a mountain pass at 2 mph to reach the top hours later to hit a downhill that will be over in 20 minutes while you reach top speed of 44 mph.

Talk about ups and downs.

So yeah I’m thankful for venture, for the dream, the cause, and the people.

It’s led me to do a fund raising ride for Young Life, to Sign up for 207 which is a tour from Peoria, AZ to rocky point, Mexico in two days to raise money with 1mission house building projects in Mexico. So don’t worry my little ice ice baby ( yes thats my bikes name. it just sort of happened) even though its cold now, pretty soon It’ll be time to hit the road again. 

Thanks venture for showing me a love I didn’t know was in me.




I’m so thankful for the gift of creativity.

We can make whatever we want.

Creating something out of nothing.

The hardest thing for me right now is making space to be creative to be quiet enough to paint. It’s funny that it’s not a priority in life right now. Even though its something  that allows me to process and express whats up in my life.

I should probably  make some time for that.

Regardless of the creative flow in my life right now I still appreciate the freedom that comes with getting the ink out, jamming to louis armstrong pandora and just soaking up the day.




Today I’m so thankful for KD

You are a great friend. I’m so glad that we got to serve in Kenya together. That we met during such pivotal points in both of our lives.  That God is still bringing us together even though we live thousands of miles away. I love that you call for pep talks before you speak at club, and that your heart is overflowing with the love of God.

I’m encouraged by you and how you take on what is given to you.

I love that I knew you were going to Spain before you knew…haha

Love you Kate.

Proud of you!

the commons

I’m thankful today for a church that I love.

I stand for the dream, the vision, and the actions we are making towards supporting our community.

The fact that we are actually taking strides towards being a part of the city not hiding in our homes and our safe places. The Refuge was birthed out of our people, an idea moving into reality. To offer overflow shelter to the people of Flagstaff without a home in the winter months. Its not just about offering essential needs but also friendship.

It says a lot when people aren’t just talk.

I love that I’m a part of a church that loves people and each other.

Stepping into the role of Children’s Coordinator has been really good for me. It’s hard work coming up with curriculum and organizing volunteers but I am so thankful to be a part of something bigger than myself and that we have a solid team of people who care for these kids with me.

I’m so grateful for the friendships that have developed over the last two years and that Flag really feels like home…and the Commons is a big reason why.

and the thanks continue

I’m thankful for beautiful tiny fall leaves.

I was on a walk in Buffalo park with some girls I love and I spotted these itty bitty things.



I love being outside enjoying the simple things.

So delicate and intricate.

Soaking in a nice sunny day without a jacket…those days are numbered.

I’m thankful for lazy days when you can take it slow and embrace whats actually happening around you, when you can appreciate the friendships you have.

cheers to great days.